Case Study

Hotel Schani Wien

Choose your own room

In May 2015, Hotel Schani in Vienna presented a new booking system to the world based on Hetras technology. The new system gives guests the freedom to choose their own room, including which floor, which type (king or twin), and whether it faces the road or garden. You enjoyed your last visit to Schani? Pick the same room again and remember that special time!


Hotel Schani came up with several innovative solutions, such as check-in via smartphone, keyless entry for guests to their rooms, and a working space in the hotel lobby. In order to best meet guests' needs, time-consuming administrative processes are completed using a range of highly innovative technologies.

These Smart solutions not only make life easier for guests of Hotel Schani, but they also free its staff to focus on what really matters. As a result, hotel employees provide concierge services normally found only at luxury hotels. It's no coincidence that, in the local dialect of Vienna, a “Schani” is a friendly servant who anticipates people's needs.


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